Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 17b

by Bambi

I screamed and screamed. Barely drawing breath between high pitched wails. I held on to the saddle as my horse stormed forward towards the awful drop.

I had almost cleared the tree line and saw the landscape beyond the edge. The fall must be over a hundred yards deep!

The edge was closing rapidly, only a dozen yards away, and Rosalin just kept on going. She was going to carry me of the ledge and I was helpless to do anything about it..

Then it happened. A white horse burst out of the bushes to my left, seemingly flying over a rotten tree trunk. It landed gracefully without slowing down, and I saw Martina sitting firmly on top of it. She shouted something at me, but I didn't hear it over my own screaming. I was almost at the edge.

Martina steered her horse to the right, and cut my mount off only yards before the ledge. Blocked by the bulk of another horse, Rosalin finally changed course and turned right. I looked at my left and could see all the way down to the river.

Death had been averted for now, but I still wasn't safe. My horse kept on running past the cliff without slowing down.

Martina rode very close to me, trying to grab my mount's reins, but she couldn't quite reach them.

And in front of me I saw the world end. The cliff made a sharp turn to the right and we were heading straight for it. My life had been saved on one cliff only for it to end on another. There was no more time for Martina to grab the reins. If she wouldn't stop her own horse very soon, she would die with me.

I looked at her. I think I had tears in my eyes. She looked back. A grim expression on her face.

She stopped reaching for my reins. My heart skipped a beat. She was letting go. I was going to die anyway, so the only thing she could do was save herself.

Martina made her move, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. In one fluid motion, Martina leaned right on her horse and put her left foot into the right stirrup. Holding the knob on the saddle, the lowered herself until the right foot hit the ground. Using the force of the impact of the passing ground to launch herself, she jumped up and swung her leg over and around Blitz, landing backwards on her saddle. Riding backwards, steering her horse with only her heels, she reached over to the reins of my stampeding horse.

She held onto the saddle for dear life, but her new position gave her the extra inches required to reach my horse's reins. She took hold.

She quickly sat upright on her saddle and signalled Blitz to stop. As her mount obeyed, she pulled with everything she had on Rosalin's reins.

My horse whinnied like it was mad, but it stopped too. We were just yards removed from the edge.

Martina held the reins taut was she directed Blitz away from the cliff, pulling Rosalin with her. My mount pranced in protest, forcing me to hold on tight, but with dominance reasserted, it quickly calmed down.

When Martina was certain that Rosalin would give no further trouble, she unmounted. I took her hand as she helped me get off mine. I finally noticed I was shivering, and almost fell over as I reached the ground.

I also noticed I was crying, muttering intelligibly. She sat me down on a rock and took a seat next to me, placing her arm around my shoulders. She held me comforting as I slowly came to my senses.

Finally, I turned to my rescuer. “Martina?... You... You saved me,” I said.

She smiled, giving me an encouraging squeeze in my shoulder. “Well, what are sisters for?”

I looked at her in awe. My wide eyes full of reverence for my protective big sis. Then I noticed the bright red drops on the side of her face.

“Martina, you are bleeding!” I cried.

Surprised, her hand went up to the side of the face there she felt the sticky red blood. Then she looked at her fingers. “Ah, verdammt...” she said annoyed. “Must have happened when I rode through the bushes.”

“We must stop the bleeding!” I said aghast. I reached for the hem of my skirt, that now had tears in it, ready to rip of some improvised bandage.

“Don't Cheryl! No reason to ruin your pretty outfit any further. It's just a scratch. See?” She pointed at a cut just below her hairline.

“No need to worry, Cheryl,” Martina said as she wiped the blood from her face. “These cuts look a lot worse than they are.” She took a small handkerchief from her pocket, and wiped away most of the red smudge.

She turned to me. “Let's just get you home. I'll help you mount up.”

“We are going back by horse?” I said dismayed. After this experience, I had no desire to sit on one of those monsters ever again.

“Would you prefer walking?” She said amused, nodding at my legs.

I looked at my boots. Those high heels would be hard enough to walk on a paved surface, never mind some muddy pathway in the middle of nowhere. “...No...” I reluctantly conceded

“Then we are riding,” She said as she gently urged me on my feet. “Get up, Cheryl.”

When she was sure that I wouldn't collapse on the spot, Martina went to collect the horses while I did my best to straighten my outfit. The cuts in my skirt were very suddenly concerning to me, as were the brown stains on my outfit.

Martina had already mounted Blitz when she came back, holding the reins of Rosalin, who was once more chewing on some grass.

“Take my hand, Cheryl,” Martina said as she stopped Blitz next to me.

“I'm not riding Rosalin?” I asked.

Martina shook her head. “It's been a trying day for her as well. I do not want to burden her anymore. You are riding with me. Blitz can easily carry us both. Now take my hand and put your foot in the stirrup. The other one, Cheryl.”

She pulled me onto the horse, and sat me in front of her, with both my legs on one side. The saddle wasn't made for two persons, so I leaned close against her as she wrapped her arms around me to hold the reins.

And so, after my dreadful experience, my big sister rode us back to Mistress' estate as she held me safely in her arms.


There was hell to pay when we finally came home. At first it seemed I would bear the brunt of it. I had been absent for hours, and Mistress was very displeased with my disappearance. Madame Directrice was none too happy either, as none of my afternoon chores had been done. As they reprimanded me, the two ladies circled me like a pair of sharks. Mistress had told me to be silent, sneered it at me actually, so I couldn't get a word in. I just looked submissively at the floor, fearfully. I fidgeted with my hands as I stood there unsteadily in my high heels.

“So just where have you been, young lady?” Mistress snapped at me. “And for goodness sake, what are you wearing?”

“A... riding habit... Mistress.” I said hesitantly. “Miss Martina took me for a ride... A horse ride, I mean... Through the countryside...”

“Did she now? And you didn't bother to inform me, you stupid girl?” she said with cold fury.

Martina never gave me the chance, I thought, but I didn't say that out loud. “No, Mistress.... I'm... very sorry...”

“Not yet you aren’t,” Madame Directrice interjected. “But you will be. You can be sure of that.”

Mistress inspected my outfit. “You are a mess. Is your skirt ripped?” She eyed me with curiosity “Anything you'd like to tell us, young lady?”

I gave a brief account of the events. How my horse panicked and almost carried me off the cliff. And how Martina had saved me.

Mistress was silent now, her face no longer harbouring cold fury, but concern. She turned to Madame Directrice and the two exchanged some words in another language.

She then turned to me. Her voice was much kinder now. “Get back into uniform, Cheryl, and return to your chores. And send Martina in on your way out.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said as I bobbed a curtsey. As quickly as was appropriate, I fled the room.

After I had changed in today's uniform (the frilly one that Brigitt had selected for me) I got back to my duties. It was disheartening to see how much work still had to be done. No way I'd be able to finish today's chores. But at least it was familiar work, and I was at no risk of berserk animals or long drops.

As I was busy cleaning tables and sideboards, I unintentionally headed towards the room where Mistress and Madame Directrice had confronted me about my absence. I heard noise coming from inside.

I wasn't listening in deliberately. After all, I was just cleaning the furniture in the hallway. But I have to admit the sounds form the other side of the door interested me much more than a stain on a cabinet.

I heard Mistress and Martina arguing. As they were speaking German, I didn't understand a word they were saying. But from the tone of voice it was clear that Mistress was very angry with Martina. I think I heard my name mentioned a couple of times too.

“What is that ruckus?” Brigitt suddenly asked behind me.

I turned around startled, quickly bobbing a respectful curtsey.

“Hello, Miss Brigitt. You are home early? I mean, it is a pleasure to see you again,” I lied. “It seems that Mistress and Miss Martina are having a... er... discussion.”

Brigitt walked up to me, getting much deeper into my personal space than I liked or was necessary. She gave me a wicked grin, then turned towards the door. “Sounds more like Mutter is giving Martina quite a scolding.”

“I wouldn't know, Miss Brigitt.” Better to feign ignorance, I thought.

“Of course you don't. You are a stupid girl, after all. A brainless bimbo who doesn't speak German,” she said with a gentle tone that was completely at odds with her actual words. “But you are curious, aren't you?”

“I... I need to get back to my chores, Miss Brigitt,” I answered, rubbing a cloth over a stain that was long gone already.

Brigitt smiled with amusement, looking at me while I tried to evade her gaze.

“Well, there is no harm in telling you,” Brigitt suddenly said. “It seems your Mistress is furious with Martina,” Brigitt said. “Because of you.”

Startled, I dropped my cloth and turned to Brigitt in confusion. “Me? Why? For taking me off my chores, you mean?”

She sniggered as she shook her head. “Oh no, you silly girl. If it was that, she'd just have Esther spank you for running off and be done with it. No, it is far more serious. She blames Martina for endangering you. Putting you on a panicking horse and almost letting you run off a mountain.”

I gasped. “Endangering me? But it wasn't her fault! It was that fox! Miss Martina saved me!”

She shrugged. “That is not how Mutter sees it. Martina should never have put you in that position in the first place. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or falls off a mountain.”

I couldn't wrap my mind around this. “But... she saved me,” I tried again.

Brigitt folded her arms in front of her as she looked at me, “And almost got the both of you killed in the process, from what I've heard.”

The door opened, and Martina stepped out. She was looking straight ahead, her face pale and eyes red. An adhesive bandage covered the cut below her hairline. She didn't notice us at first, but when she saw me she smiled. She had a guilty expression on her face that I didn't understand, but I saw relief as well. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but stopped. She just gave me a nod, then turned around and walked away. I watched my big sister, my saviour, until she turned a corner.

Now the door slammed open, and I made a startled hop. Mistress marched out of the room, looking angry. She glanced at Brigitt and me, but ignored us as she turned the other way and went around a corner.

Brigitt watched her go with a surprised expression. “Wow, I cannot remember the last time I've seen Mutter this angry,” she whispered at me. “Martina is not of the hook yet, it seems” 

“But it isn't fair,” I muttered. “Miss Martina is a hero. Mistress shouldn't be mad with her.”

Brigitt turned towards me. She looked at me with a thoughtful expression, then grinned. “Well, perhaps you can help Martina out. Intervene on her behalf.”

“Really?” I asked surprised. “How?” 

She tilted her head. “You could sooth Mutter's wrath. Calm her down.”

“Is that... wise?” I asked Brigitt. “Of course I want to help Miss Martina, but I'm not sure Mistress would appreciate...”

Brigitt frowned at me. “Cheryl, Martina put her own life on the line to save you. Aren't you willing to at least try to help her in return?”

That stung. I still had my reservations, but I ignored them. “What must I do?” I asked Brigitt.

She smiled. It was not a warm smile. “Come with me,” she said as she grabbed my arm and dragged me along.


I was having serious doubts about this plan.

Brigitt looked around, making sure no-one saw us, then opened the door. “Get in,” she said to me.

I entered Mistress' bedroom and Brigitt followed, quietly closing the door behind her.

“Go sit on the bed,” Brigitt told me as she put down her bag and opened it.

I obeyed and sat myself at the edge of the mattress. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, seeing what I was wearing.

Actually, I wasn't wearing much. I was in my undies. Black satin bra and panties, with sheer stay-up stockings on my legs.

But that wasn't what drew the eyes. Brigitt said I was to be a peace offering to Mistress. A present. And a present needs to be gift-wrapped...

I looked down, at the wide ribbon of red satin that Brigitt had wrapped around my waist and tied in a wide bow at my back. My hand went up to my neck, were another red ribbon had been tied in a smaller bow. Two more were tied around my wrists.

Martina took out the shoes I was to wear and held them up before me, a wide smile on her face.

They were made of bright red patent leather, with cross-straps to secure them on my feet. But it was the seven inch heels and two inch platforms that frightened me.

“Miss Brigitt, I cannot possibly walk in those heels!” I said dismayed.

She chuckled. “You are not supposed to, silly girl. There are bedroom heels. As the name implies, you wear them in bed to look sexy. Now, put your foot up and relax. I'll strap you in.”

She put the first shoe on my foot, and closed the straps. She then took a small padlock, and snapped it in place.

“Miss Brigitt? What are you doing...” I asked startled.

She looked up with a stern expression. “You must show Mutter that you are... committed. With these heels you have nowhere to go. You are throwing yourself at her mercy. That would please Mutter greatly. “

“Oh...” I said. 

Brigitt smiled wickedly. “Don't worry, Cheryl. You only need to stay on the bed and look pretty. That shouldn't be hard for you, right?”

“If you say so, Miss Brigitt...” I replied doubtful.

She smirked. “Indeed. Now, give me your other foot.”

After securing the second high heel, she took another pair of ribbons, and wrapped those around my ankles and soles, tying them into pretty bows that hid the tiny padlocks.

“Lie down on the bed, Cheryl,” Brigitt ordered me as she took the other items from the bag and placed them on the mattress. My lollipop, a vibrator, a strapon... and a peacock feather. “For the soft touch,” Brigitt said with a wink.

Brigitt smiled wickedly as she looked down at me from the side of the bed, looking approvingly “Do you remember what I told you, Cheryl?”

I forced myself to nod. “Yes Brigitt. I have to suck on my lollipop when Mistress enters.”

Her teeth were visible through her wide grin. “Very good. Unfortunately, I do not know when Mutter goes to her room, so you better start. Then you will not be surprised by her.”

“What, right now?” I asked taken aback.

“Sure. As a matter of fact, better show me your moves.” She winked at me “Perhaps I can give some constructive criticisms for your little performance.” 

My heart skipped a beat. I suddenly felt very self-conscious, lying there in female underwear, about to suck on some horrible dildo, while being observed by Brigitt. I didn't say anything, but my eyes pleaded with her not to make me do this.

If she even noticed, she ignored it. “All right then. Start!”

Lying on my back I brought my lollipop to my mouth. I tried to ignore Brigitt's gaze, but her eyes had caught mine and I couldn't look away as I put the tip of the penetrator against my lips.

“Don't forget to smile, Cheryl. Just pretend it’s your Mistress holding the dildo,” she said with a grin.

I nodded and forced a smile on my face as I kissed the tip of my lollipop. I opened my mouth a bit further, moving my tongue underneath it and slowly slipping the phallus into my mouth. I closed my lips tightly around the shaft and pushed it in further.

“Moan, girl. Mutter loves it if a sissy moans in delight,” Brigitt told me.

What choice was there? I moaned.

I slowly moved the dildo in and out. Brigitt looked amused, but not yet content.

“Show your legs, sissy,” she told me. “Wheel them in a circle. You want to show your Mistress your lovely heels, don't you?”

I moaned in agreement, and slowly moved my legs around.

“Good. And touch yourself with your other hand, girl. Quickly now.” She added.

I did, and felt my hand go over my body while I sucked my lollipop. I finally managed to pull my eyes away from Brigitt, and focused on my stocking clad legs. I would have paid to see a pretty girl do this, I suddenly thought. And now I was doing it myself... I quickly pushed that thought away.

“Yes, that's it. Keep it up,” Brigitt said. “Well, I'm off. We wouldn't want Mutter to catch me in her room, now would we?”

I just gave a non-committal moan.

“Exactly. Enjoy, Cheryl,” Brigitt told me with a smile as she picked up her back and quietly left the room.

So there I was, lying on the bed, waiting for Mistress, in my undies and heels, sucking a dildo and generally making a complete fool of myself.

I heard no activity on the corridor. Surely I could stop this nonsense until I actually heard Mistress arrive? But I continued anyway.

I had no way to tell the time, but it seemed it took forever before I heard someone approach. I stepped up the pace, sucking harder, moaning louder.

The door opened, and Mistress stepped inside. When she saw me on the bed, she stopped. I focused on my movements, but from the edge of my vision I saw her look at me with mixture of surprise and amusement.

“Well, well... What do we have here?” She said. She gave me a good look.

I took the dildo out of my mouth, glad to be rid of the foul penetrator even for a moment. I began to speak the words I had rehearsed. “Greetings Mistress, I...”

Mistress immediately interrupted me. “Be silent, girl! I didn't say you could take your lollipop out of your mouth, now did I? Just nod if I ask you something, understand?”

I nodded. I was suddenly very apprehensive. The plan was to plead for leniency for Martina while I seduced Mistress with my body. However, Mistress had silenced me with a single command and wrecked the plan.

With an enigmatic smile she walked over to the bed and sat down next to me.

“My my, aren't you a lovely sight. All gift-wrapped. Why, I cannot decide whether I should unpack you here and now, or just watch you like this forever,” she said as her gaze went up and down my body. “Perhaps I should take out my camera and film it, so I can watch you whenever I like. We can even watch it together. Would you like that?”

Oh, goodness no! I thought, but I smiled and nodded in agreement as I sucked on my lollipop. I felt its surface on my lips and tasted the material in my mouth.

She picked up the feather. “What were you planning with this, girl?” Mistress asked as she gently touched my body with it. It tickled, and it made me squirm a bit. This made her snigger. 

She picked up the vibrator, and she barked a laugh. “You naughty girl, you,” she said softly. She turned the vibrator on, and if began to hum softly. I gasped as she put the tip against my chest and ran it down between my breasts, over my tummy and down to my panties.

“What is this? It seems your little clitty is excited. It that true, Cheryl? Do you want me to take this nasty vibrator and put it in your little hole? Fuck your cute bottom while you have a big cock in your mouth?”

I tried to smile prettily, and nodded as I pushed my lollipop in deeper.

She smiled back, but something had changed. “I thought as much.” She put the vibrator away and leaned in close to me, her mouth next to my ear.

“Unfortunately, that is not for you to decide, now is it?” She said with a cold tone.

Surprised, I turned towards her as she leaned back. Her smile was gone, replaced with a cold dignity.

Then she slapped me in the face.

She didn't hit me hard, but it had completely surprised me. Startled, I felt fire spread across my cheek while I still had my lollipop in my mouth.

The second strike made me drop the dildo. I looked at her in utter dismay. “Mistress...?” I asked

She grabbed my earlobe and pulled me up while I squealed. When I sat next to her she looked me in the eyes.

“I told you before, you are not to come to my room unless I call for you!” She sneered at me. 

“Yes Mistress! I'm sorry! I just wanted... Gah!” she silenced me with a sharp tug on my ear.

“Don't you even dare to think you can have sex with me whenever you like,” she told me with an angry glare. “I am not your booty call. You are mine, understand!”

“Yes Mistress!” I cried sobbing. I felt tears run down my cheeks. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry...”

“Good. You should be.” Then her voice softened and she let go of my ear. A smile appeared on her face. “Come here, you naughty girl.”

She put her arm around my waist and placed me on her lap. She looked me in the eyes. I tried to look away shyly, but she took hold of my chin and turned me to face her. “Hey now, Cheryl. Don't cry. It's okay. I'm not mad. Not anymore. Here, let me dry those tears.”

She took a tissue and dabbed my face.

I looked at her through my tear-stained eyes. “Thank you, Mistress,” I said with genuine gratitude.

“You are welcome, Cheryl.” She smiled at me “Now, no more crying, alright? You had a difficult day, and there is no reason to let your little indiscretion make it any harder.”

“No, Mistress,” I said remorsefully. “I'm very sorry. Really.”

“I know, my dear. But it’s okay. At least you put some effort in it. I love your outfit.” She stroked my hair. “Know what? When I do call for you, you should wear it again. Isn't that a nice idea?”

I smiled, but I don't know if it was genuine or faked. “Yes, Mistress.”

She kissed me on the lips. “Good girl. Now, normally you should report this incident to Esther, but just this once I think we can let it slide. But don't do it again, understand?” She looked at me like a stern teacher, kind but very firm.

That was a relief. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now, get out of here, girl. I'm sure you have some chores to perform.”

“Yes, Mistress. It's just that... well... I cannot walk in these heels.”

We both looked at my ridiculous footwear. “Hmm, I guess you can take them off, just this time,” Mistress said, being unusually lenient.

“I... er... can't. They are locked to my feet. I wanted to show you my... er... commitment?” I said doubtfully. 

She frowned. “You didn't quite think this through, did you, silly girl?”

“Well, I...er.. No Mistress...” I conceded. Though listening to Brigitt was my biggest mistake.

“Nevertheless, you'll have to figure this one out yourself. I'm late for an appointment. I'll be back later. Just make sure you leave my room the same way as you found it before your little indiscretion.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied shyly.

She got up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She picked up something from a table and left the room without a further word.

I sat at the edge of the bed, evaluating my options. How was I supposed to get back to my room? Walking in my heels was impossible, as was taking them off.

Suddenly the door opened, and Brigitt entered. I hadn't even heard her approach.

She gave me a wicked grin.

“So, how did it go?” She asked.

“It was a disaster!” I called out more loudly than I had expected. “Mistress was furious with me!”

Brigitt just smiled. “Really? I think it worked like a charm.”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused “I didn't even get a chance to plead for Miss Martina.”

Brigitt laughed “Not the 'soothing' part, of course. That was a just little white lie. I was just wondering how easy it would be to get you in Mutter's bed willingly. Well, now I know. Apparently, it's very easy.”

My mouth fell open. “You... You...” I managed to utter.

Brigitt sniggered as she gave a shrug.

I was furious with her, and I was certain I would have attacked her there and then if my heels had allowed me to actually stand up.

I struggled with the tide of curses that lay on my tongue “You... you... meany!” I finally shouted.

Brigitt raised an eyebrow, though I'm not sure it was because of my sudden defiance, of my rather odd choice of curse.

She gave me a nasty grin. “Well, what are sisters for? All's fair in the glorious war of sisterly rivalry.” She stuck out her tongue in a strangely childish gesture.

“I... I...” I gasped. Then I gave a resigned whimper “I need to get back to my duties. Please get these shoes off me, Miss Brigitt.”

She grinned at me. “Not yet.”

I looked at her dismayed. “What? Why?”

She looked at me wickedly, then walked over to the bed and picked up my lollipop. “You are in Mutter's bed, wearing some delightful underwear, and you have nowhere to run. Let's have some fun.” She held out the dildo.

My eyes went wide “No! Miss Brigitt, you can't do this.”

“Of course I can. Look...”

She pushed me back on the mattress and lay down next to me. She smiled at me. “Now then... Missionary or doggy-style?”

I was aghast. “Miss Brigitt...” I pleaded.

She gave me mocking grin. “Doggy-style it is. Get on all fours, Cheryl,” she said.

I shook my head. “...I'll scream!” I tried.

She laughed. “I bet you will. You are a screamer, aren't you? No matter, no-one will hear you.” She grabbed my cheeks and forced my mouth open. Dismayed, I flapped with my arms in panic, grunting in fright, but Brigitt just ignored it. Then she effortlessly slipped my lollipop in. She kept pressure on it until I calmed down.

She let go of me, but watched me closely for any sign of trying to spit out the dildo. I didn't. She smiled contently. “Now then, on hands and knees, girl.”

Eyes wide in horror, but unable to deny her any longer, I did as I was told. Brigitt stepped into the strapon harness and tightened it.

She knelt behind me, and she put her hands on my hips to adjust my position. I grunted a bit in protest, but that was all.

I felt her tug at the bow at my back. I heard her chuckle “You know, it is rather fun to secretly open other people's presents....”

She pulled down my panties, making me groan in protest. But really, who was I kidding?

I felt the tip of the strapon being pushed against my behind, while she held onto my waist. “Told you I'd make you Brigitt's girl again, soon.” And with that, she pushed forward.

I gasped as the phallus slid inside of me, and my lollipop almost fell out of my mouth. “Keep sucking, Cheryl,” Brigitt told me as she pushed in deeper.

Just when I thought I could take no more, she pulled back. I felt the shaft slide past my sphincter until only the tip was inside. Then Brigitt pushed again. And again. And again...

“I don't know what you are complaining about,” Brigitt said mockingly after I groaned in objection. “This is exactly what would have happened if your Mistress had accepted you offering yourself. You chose that voluntarily. It's the same strapon that is fucking you. Only now its little ol' Brigitt who is wearing it.” She put some more weight behind her thrust to drive her point home.

Brigitt continued until I climaxed. I didn't want to, but I came anyway. I grunted in humiliation and excitement.

She pulled out of me and took the harness off. She laughed as she saw the wet smudge between my legs. “Oh dear, seems naughty little Cheryl left a nasty stain on her Mistress' clean sheets. I wonder what Mutter will do is she discovers her sissy's naughty accident. Perhaps sissy should change the sheets. Quickly, before your Mistress returns. Of course, if Mutter suddenly finds new blankets on her bed, she'll get suspicious too. Quite a conundrum if you ask me. Oh well, good luck with that,” she said as she slapped my behind playfully.

I spat out my lollipop and sat down on my sore behind, trying to sort my jumbled thoughts.

Brigitt had straightened out her outfit and was about to leave.

“Miss Brigitt? Wait,” I called out to her “You have to get these shoes off of me!”

She smiled at me. “Oh, you can do that yourself, my dear. I left the key in your room.” She winked at me as she opened the door “Bye now, sissy”.

I gasped. “No! Wait! Miss Brigitt...” But she was gone, her laugh echoing down the hallway.


Dressed only in undies, ribbons and a pair of impossible heels, I crawled over the floor towards my room. I had to hurry. Get these heels off, get into uniform, head back to Mistress' room and change the sheets. With luck, there would be an identical set of linen to replace the ones I had soiled.

The final indignity I suffered when Frau Seiler rounded the corner, and saw me there. She looked at me in utter bafflement, as I crawled on all fours. Then she burst out in bellowing laughter.

I just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole. But it didn't, so I had to continue. Red with shame I crawled past the cook, muttering a half-hearted greeting. I had tears of shame in my eyes when she was finally out of sight, though I kept hearing her laughter in my head when I finally reached my room. 


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Please don't make Cheryl go to Margot, just anything but that, I never understood people when they said: Them bitches be crazy! Until I encountered Margot, please don't make Cheryl end up with her.

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