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Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 11b

by Bambi

She was right about one thing, though. I did dream about high heels. Pumps, mary-janes and boots in all shapes and sizes. I saw white ones and black ones, they were arguing with the pink shoes. The green mary-janes were excited, while the red pumps were pacing around agitated. Even the pink boots were annoyed. And of course they were, for there were so many of them, and only one sissy. They were arguing for the right to wear me. Only one of them would walk away with a fashionable Cheryl in them.

I woke up early in the morning. The sun was already rising, but hadn't completely chased away the night yet. Mistress was still there, obviously. She had her arm around my waist. From her breathing I gathered she was fast asleep.

I slowly lifted her arm, careful not to disturb her, and managed to get out of her embrace. I slowly moved to the edge of the bed, where I sat upright. I watched Mistress sleep for a moment, then softly put my heels on the floor next to the bed.

“Where are you going, girl?” Mistress spoke in a stern voice.

Startled, I turned around. Mistress was still lying there, but her eyes were open and fully awake. Her gaze bored into mine.

“I... I do not know, Mistress,” I said truthfully, in an apologetic tone. “I just felt like getting up. I did not want to disturb you.”

She sat upright, looking at me suspiciously. Then turned to the window, where the light of the sun was rapidly increasing in brightness. “Well, it does promise to be a beautiful day. I suppose there is no harm in starting early and making the most of it. Very well then, I'll join you.” She moved to the side and got up from the bed.

“I'm going to prepare for breakfast. I suggest you do the same. I will meet you in the dining hall. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied. “In that case, may I be excused? I would like to go to the bathroom and clean myself up.”

She titled her head, looking at me with a frown. “Would you now? And when you are done, you'll put on a frilly dress and meet me in the dining hall?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

“Uh-huh, and what dress would you be wearing?”

“I... I have no idea, Mistress. I haven't thought about that yet.” I was starting to get anxious. Where was she going with this?

“It seems that thinking isn't your best quality this morning,” she said menacingly. “Did you forget about the house rules? You do not get to go to the bathroom without escort, and you sure as hell do not get to choose your outfit of the day!”

She picked up her phone and pushed a button. “Jeanne and Bernadette will be here shortly. They will make sure you'll be properly presentable.”

Mistress' annoyance frightened me. “I'm sorry Mistress! I did not mean to be insubordinate. I wasn't thinking straight. It is still so early. I only wanted to be helpful, I swear.”

“Oh, shut up girl, before I put a gag in it.” That shut me up all right. Mistress ignored me while we waited for the maids to arrive.

Shortly after there was a knock on the door, and Mistress asked them to come in. The two maids entered the room. They looked presentable, buy groggy. Mistress obviously called them out of bed. Bernadette shot me an angry glare.

“Ladies, it seems that little Cheryl here has a lot of energy this morning. She insisted on starting the day early. Would you be so kind as to prepare her for breakfast? And please inform the chef we'll be eating early today.”

“Of course, Ma'am.” The two maids walked over to me. “Get up, girl. Let's get you cleaned up,” Jeanne said.

“May I change my my shoes first? I cannot walk in five inch... gah!” I yelped as Bernadette grabbed my earlobe and pulled me up.

“Less talking, more walking,” The tall maid spoke. They flanked me from either side and locked arms with mine. They almost dragged me forward and I had difficulty keeping up in my extreme heels.

I turned my head towards Mistress, wanting to apologize for my poor judgement. But it got stuck in my throat as I saw her face. Her annoyance had disappeared, replaced with fiendish delight.


Her grin was positively diabolical when the maids presented me to her. She clearly enjoyed my predicament. I was wearing the most extreme outfit I've ever worn in my life and my discomfort must have shown on my face.

In the bathroom Jeanne was very meticulous in removing every stray hair below my eyebrows, and when they showed me the outfit of the day, I understood why. I was to wear a tight red latex catsuit that seemed several sizes too small, but would stretch just enough for me to wear.

It took the maids a lot of effort to put me in it, and me a lot of gasping and grunting as I slowly became enveloped by it. When Bernadette finally zipped me up at the back, I felt life I had been stuffed in a extra small sized condom, completely covered from my ankles to my neck. I could barely move my arms and legs in the tight material.

But it didn't end there. Over the catsuit they fitted me with an underbust corset of the same colour, and laced it up firmly. My feet went into thigh-high boots of shiny patent leather, while on my hands I was to wear gloves of the same material that fell over my elbows. Around my neck they fitted a collar that was identical to the monstrosity I had worn the evening before, but in red.

They finished with some bondage. Ankle chains between my boots. My wrists were tied together in front of me with a short chain, which was also connected to my corset, giving me some reach but not much. A leash was connected to my collar, though the leash was very long and ended in a cuff.

“Ma'am, may we present to you little miss Cheryl, for your approval,” Jeanne spoke behind me.

Dutifully, I smiled a lustful smile with my red lips, and performed a curtsey. Well, tried to at least. In this horrible outfit it must have looked hopeless. Mistress didn't mind though, as she chuckled in delight.

“Good morning, Mistress,” I greeted her. “It is my pleasure to see you again. And may I add how wonderful you look this morning.”

She was wearing an outfit similar to mine, but pitch black. Her catsuit showed cleavage, and seemed to be a lot more comfortable judging from her relaxed posture. Her boots had lower heels than mine and came up to her knees.

“Why thank you, Cheryl. And my, don't you look ravishing today. Very extreme. A real fetish kitten you are, no?”

I forced myself to smile. “Yes Mistress. I love fetish outfits.”

“It looks very tight. Are you sure you wouldn't want to wear anything else?”

This was an obvious trap, but given my dismay I still had to put a lot of effort to speak the correct answer. “Oh no, Mistress. I love its restricting feeling. I feel like I'm encased in pure bondage. This is every sissies dream.”

She smiled. “Very well then, girl. Come, sit with me.”

Bernadette guided me to my seat at the breakfast table. It took me a lot of difficulty to actually sit down, tight as the catsuit was. It squeaked and cracked with every movement.

She then took hold of my leash and held it up to Mistress. “When you are ready, Ma'am.”

“Go ahead,” she told the maid, but did not take her eyes from me. I stared back in confusion.

The maid opened the cuff at the end of the leash. Mistress held out her left arm, and Bernadette closed the cuff around her wrist. She checked the bond. “It is secure, Ma'am.”

“Thank you, Bernadette. You can start serving breakfast now.”

“Of course, Ma'am,” the maid said. I did not hear them leave the room, flabbergasted as I was at seeing Mistress wearing a chain.

“Mistress? What...” I stammered.

She smiled at me, she held up her arm. “This? Well, this morning I got the sneaking suspicion you were about to wander off while I was sleeping, you naughty girl. I do not want you to get in any trouble, but I cannot watch you all the time either. So I decided to put you on a short leash, figuratively and literally.”

She pulled her arm back, causing tension on my leash. It was hardly ten feet long.

“Now I can rest easy in the knowledge you are always close by, safe with me.” She shot me a playful wink. 

“I see, Mistress.” What else could you say when you hear something like this?

“Very good. Now let's see what we have for breakfast. Ah, there it is now.” I saw Bernadette enter, holding a plate with our meal.


During breakfast Mistress was chit-chatting again, though I did not feel like joining in, as my discomfort claimed most of my attention. Though I was kind of baffled how anyone can talk about something as trivial as the weather when she is wearing a latex catsuit.

I wasn't hungry, but ate my fair share anyway. Mostly because of my bonds I could not eat myself and thus Mistress had to hand feed me. She ignored my claims that I was okay and simply smiled as she put another piece of toast and marmalade in my mouth.

After breakfast she took me to the living room. It was very nice outside by now, but apparently it is a bad idea to go out into the sun while wearing latex.

We spend most of the morning there. Mistress had turned on some music and enjoyed a quiet morning. I played the role of infatuated sissy again, trying to get her attention (while actually hoping she would ignore me), speaking silly nonsense that did not even make sense to me. Mistress tolerated that with a combination of amusement, stoicism and indifference.

Every now and then she would pull on my leash and drag me towards her. She then put me on her lap as her hands touched me through the second skin of the latex. I would squirm and she fondled me, while her tongue probed my mouth. Our outfits would squeak as they contacted each other, and I made quite a noise as I wriggled in Mistress embrace.

There were several zippers on my outfit, including one at my groin and one at my bottom. She would unzip one and put her gloved fingers though, carefully probing my clitty or sissy hole. Not to get me excited, but enough to remind me whom they belonged to.

She mostly just enjoyed watching me squirm in my outfit, though. It was so tight I had trouble with the most basic of movements, like sitting down. Even kneeling, a very important skill for a sissy, became excruciatingly difficult.

At some point I even preferred to just keep standing upright, despite of the pressure that put on my heeled feet. Mistress laughed at that. She pulled my leash and drew me closer. In a rare moment of compassion, she decided to teach me the art of moving in latex.

“No, no, no, silly girl. Stop fighting the latex. It is not like satin that can move any which way you like. It has its own limits that you must respect,” She said enigmatically. “Compare it with your chains. You do not want to keep fighting your chains now, would you?”

“No Mistress,” I said. Actually, I did. And I wanted to tear them apart as well. Quite impossible, for sure, but a girl can dream. Of course I did not say that out loud.

“Indeed. You only move your arms and legs as far as your chains allow, but within those limits you are free to do as you please. Use that to your advantage. Here, let me show you.” She got up from her chair in which she was apparently sitting quite comfortably, taking position next to me. She was holding a crop.

“Watch carefully, girl. Bend your knee just a little bit, like this. Then move your leg forward. Not too far. Keep your torso upright. Put weight on your heel, and repeat with the other leg. See? Step, step, step, turn, step, step, step. Now you try.” Mistress said to me.

By now I was quite capable of walking in heels, but this was something else. Mistress barked a mocking laugh as I made my moves. “Oh Cheryl, that has pathetic. Try again, and remember that you are a pretty little sissy who is very happy to wear an outfit like that, so smile and look happy.”

“Yes Mistress.” I tried again, smiling this time. A slap hit my behind, making me squeal. I still smiled though.

“Don't bend that leg so far. Again.” She said sternly.

She made me practice for some time, though more for her amusement than my benefit, I think. She always found reason to slap me with the crop, and when she got bored was I allowed to stop. Still, I did get a bit more accustomed to my restrictive outfit.   

Finally, the moment I had been fearing had come. I was sitting on Mistress lap again. She was teasing my nipples while I nibbled her ear.

“Let's play a game,” she whispered to me.

“Oh, I'd love to, Mistress,” I said smiling, but I could feel myself turn pale.

“That is great, my dear. You'll love this.” She reached into her purse. “See this?”

She held up a coin. It was the size of a euro coin, but completely gold coloured. It reflected the light beautifully, with a golden shine. On one face was a representation of a lion, on the other the Swiss cross.

“That is beautiful, Mistress,” I said

“Thank you, my dear. It's almost pure gold. Twenty-four carat.” She smiled proudly “A long time ago my family was involved in minting. Our gold coins were among the most trusted and valuable in Europe. They had saved some for a rainy day, which were passed down the family tree. Thanks to them, I've been blessing me with a very valuable coin collection.”

“There are more?” I asked.

“Yes. Five, to be exact. Unfortunately, it seems that Jeanne has been a bit careless and scattered them through the mansion. Now I need to collect them for safe keeping.”

“A treasure hunt?”

“More or less. Jeanne informed me where she lost them, and I'm going there to reclaim them.” She smiled at me. “You are coming with me and help me find them. If you find one first, you score a point. Otherwise I do. The one who scores the most wins. If you win, I'll give you this evening off. Otherwise, its three hours in the penalty box.”

I gasped. That was harsh! But a whole evening free from her...

“Understood? Good. Let's go then.” She helped me of her lap and got up herself.

“Oh, before we go, on last thing...” She reached into her purse and pulled out a wicked looking gag, a small dildo protruding from the leather strap that covered the mouth.

I must have looked miserable, but Mistress just smirked. “That is... not necessary, Mistress. I will not talk to anyone,” I said dismayed.

“I know, girl. I just like seeing you gagged. It makes your eyes look so adorably alarmed, that is all. Now, open wide honey.”

What choice was there? I reluctantly opened my mouth and she pushed the phallus in. She fastened it behind the back of my head, and then we were good to go.

“Let's go find us some treasure,” she said as she guided me towards the door. She picked up her crop along the way.


Our first destination was the entrance hall, where two coins were supposed to be lost. It was a short walk (which in my outfit predictably took quite a while) but Mistress was not idle. She had me walk in front of her, keeping the leash just slack, while she monitored my gait. She did not spare on the crop.

I was glad when we finally reached the main hall. So glad even that I increased my pace.

“Whoa there, girl. Not so fast,” Mistress said as she tugged on the leash. I squealed as I fell backwards, but Mistress caught me.

As I was lying in her arms she gave me a quick and playful kiss. “I appreciate your enthusiasm, but let's keep it fair, shall we? When I say 'start', we begin.  And remember, always look and move as a proper sissy. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Very well then,” she said as she placed me on my feet again, then opened the door the the hall. “Start!”  

I rushed inside the entrance hall, eager to find the coins.

I only got as far as the leash would let me. I couldn't help putting pressure on the chain, but Mistress just pulled back harder, forcing me back. She casually walked over to one table, checked it, then moved over to another table, very slowly. It was clear that there was nothing on that table, but Mistress went there anyway.

And I had to follow her because I was chained to her.

I was getting agitated by the time Mistress moved to the third table. This was incredible, I thought. Yesterday I had to run to keep ahead of this woman, but now she moved with a snail's pace!  

Then I saw the glitter of gold on the ornamental handrail of the main staircase, where an elaborately carved wooden lion stood watch. The gold coin was between its front legs.

I pulled my leash in that direction, but Mistress just gave it a wicked tug, followed by a nasty slap of her crop on my behind. “Mind your manners, girl,” She simply said.

I muttered shouts of protest into my gag. This was infuriating! It was right there and she would not let me reach it. Impatiently I stumbled about within the ten feet around Mistress as she moved about the room, keeping my eye on the coin to make sure she did not beat me to it.

“Aha, what have we here?” She said. I turned to face her and saw her holding up a piece of gold. My eyes went wide. I had missed that one!

Mistress looked at me triumphantly. “That is one-zero for me, I reckon. Now, where is the other one...” She continued with the search.

When she finally moved towards the staircase, I took my chance. Standing between the statue and her, I blocked Mistress' view of the coin.

She made a step towards the left, and my leash went slack. I skittered to the carved lion, and reached for the coin.

And again there was tension on my leash. My bound hands almost had it, but fell short for a couple of inches.

“What are you doing, girl?” Mistress said as she noticed me mucking about.

“Is something there?” She said she turned towards me. Then she made an error, letting the leash go slack. I pulled on the leash and before she could respond, I managed to grab the coin.

I gave an excited squeal in my gag, holding out the coin and showed it to Mistress. She looked as if she tasted something sour. “Well done, girl.” She simply said. “That makes it one-one. We are done here. To the next location.” She pulled hard on the leash, but for once that felt like victory.


The second location was a large old guest room. It hadn't been used for quite a while, but the maids had kept it clean. Archaic furniture was scatted erratically throughout the room making it very cluttered. It was only due to a stroke of luck that I found the first coin. I accidentally bumped into an old clock and the coin, that stood upright against the clock-face, fell down. I had picked it up before Mistress even knew what was going on. I gave her a smug look when I showed her, though that was probably not visible due to my gag. Two-one for me!

We both moved slowly through the room, parallel to one another, making sure we did not miss anything.

We both saw the coin at the same time. It was lying in the middle of a coffee table. “Ah, there it is,” I heard Mistress say.

If I could grab it first, I would win. I skittered forward, my chains jingling, as I rushed towards the piece of gold.

Only when I was just short of the coin did Mistress pull my leash. “Oh no, naughty girl. I saw it first.” She did not pull me back, but did not let me move forward either. I stumbled in my heels as I tried to get nearer, but it remained just out of reach.

Mistress grabbed me from behind, putting her arm around me and held me tight, making our outfits squeak as she reached for the coin. She grabbed it and held it up for me to see. “This one is mine,” she said smugly. With her thumb she flipped the coin into the air, caught it again and put it into her purse with the others.

I groaned. So close... Two – two.


The last location was the old study. Rows and rows of books lined the walls. Some were over a hundred years old, Mistress told me. Her family had been collecting books for several centuries, but a long time ago a fire burned down this section and everything in it. Since then, the Rosenberg had been steadily expanding their collection again. Even Mistress did her best to add interesting pieces to the family collection.

“Not that I ever read a single one,” she said with a snigger. “Most fun I ever had in this room was when I was a little girl, when my sister and I built our own little castle with all these books. You should have seen my father's face when he saw his first edition of Les Trois Mousquetaires being used as a makeshift roof.“

She pinched me in my bottom. “Well, most fun up till now, I should say. Anyway, let's hunt some treasure.”

Mistress started to investigate the rows of books, occasionally picking up one and leafing through it. If Jeanne had hidden the coin inside one of the books, this could take a while, I thought.

Mistress kept my leash short, which annoyed me greatly. I did not have much room to move when we started, but this was just unfair. How could I possibly find the coin before Mistress did if she kept me so close beside her?

I muttered an undignified expression into my gag. Mistress gave me a quick glance, and I looked down remorsefully. She was still carrying her crop and it did not take much for her to discipline me.

Nevertheless, I started feeling agitated. I did not want to go to the penalty box again, but right now I had no idea how to avoid it. I was just being dragged along by Mistress while she was searching, waiting for the moment when she would spot the coin.

Mistress took out another book, looking through a couple of pages. “Vingt mille lieues sous les mers,” she said quoting the title of the book. “I tried reading this once, but decided to just watch the movie.” She put it back and turned to the next row.

I glanced at the book she just held. I did not know the title, but I recognized the author: 'Jules Verne'. Despite my current predicament I felt a bit awed to realize that this book was printed before my grandfather was born.

That is when I saw the coin.

It was lying flat on another book close to the one of Jules Verne. It was shaded by the bookshelf, so it had a dull colour that matched the yellowing pages of the books, but it was the coin all right. Mistress had overlooked it!

I looked at Mistress, who was inspecting another book. She had released the tension on my leash.

I also had a problem. I could not reach it!

Thanks to my bonds I could move my hands only slightly upwards, about chest level. The coin was at the same level as my eyes.

I had to act fast. Mistress continued browsing the bookshelves, and any moment she could pull me close to her. I had to grab that coin, now or never.

So I did the only thing I could do; I jumped.

I figured that in the best case, at the highpoint of my jump, I could grab the coin directly. Otherwise I could grab the book itself and make it come down with the coin.

Of course, jumping while wearing high heels and a tight catsuit complicated the issue...

I managed to grab hold of a book, but it was the wrong one! Worse still, as I pulled it out back on my way down, I managed to pull others out with it...

I landed in my feet, but my left stiletto immediately tipped over, causing me to stumble and fall. The floor was carpeted, so my landing was reasonably soft, but now an avalanche of leather bound book rushed down at me. I squealed.

“Was machts du?” Mistress said startled as she witnessed my poorly conceived and ill-executed attempt.

She walked over to me, holding the crop firmly in both hands. Her face was furious. “What do you think you are doing, girl? This is not a playground!”

I was lying in a supine position, my outfit making it difficult to move, surrounded by books lying the floor. None had actually hit me. But the fright and indignity of the situation had brought me close to tears.

“Do you any idea how expensive some of these volumes are?” Mistress continued wrathful as she looked down on me. She looked as tall as a mountain. “I swear that if there is any damage on a single one, I will... Hey, what's that?”

She picked up something from the floor, next to my leg. She held it up, light reflecting of its gold surface.

“Well, look at that. The final coin. I guess that means I win.” She smiled contently, flipping the coin over her fingers before putting it away.

That was not fair! I shouted into my gag. I saw it first, I had gotten it of the book shelf, I should have won! I squirmed in my bonds, my shouts muffled by the gag.

Mistress bent over me, gently stroking my face. “Oh relax, Cheryl. I was just kidding. Don't mind those stuffy old tomes. Who cares if they have one scratch more or less. I have them on my e-reader anyway.”

No, I meant the game! I shouted. I found the coin! I won!

“No need to panic, girl. Bernadette will clean this mess up. Let's get you back on your feet. Up now, girl.” Holding my arms, she pulled me up, both our outfits squeaking where they touched.

“There we go.” She wiped some dust of my behind. “You look fine. Let's get you to the penalty box.”

Don't take me there, I pleaded. Please, no. Mistress ignored my muffled cries.

“This way, little lady,” Mistress spoke as she pulled my leash. I pulled back hard, but Mistress didn't even bother looking behind her as she tugged on the chain and forced me forward.


This time I stood upright. They had attached my ankle chain to a hook on the floor between my feet, giving me some room to move, but not much. My hands were no longer tied to each other, instead they were locked to the frame in front of me. One chain was connected to my collar and another was wrapped around my corset to limit my wiggling room.

The two maids were already waiting when we arrived at the penalty box and they wasted no time in chaining me to this new contraption. I tried to resist when they untied my hands, but a hard slap in my face stunned me and broke my defiance. Nevertheless, they added a blindfold just to be safe.

“Are you done, Ladies? Excellent. I will take it from here. Feel free to take the next few hours off,” Mistress spoke.

“Are you sure, Ma'am? Won't you need our assistance?” I heard Jeanne say.

“Oh, I think I can handle one tied up little girl.” A hard crack echoed through the room. Mistress was testing one of her whips.

“Of course, Ma'am. We'll take out leave then. Enjoy. You too, Cheryl.” I could only grunt.

Mistress leaned against me, making our latex outfits squeak. Her hand went down to my groin, where she slowly pulled down my zipper.

“I think I'm going to make you cry with joy,” Mistress said to me.

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