Friday, May 30, 2014

Final Inspection

Three and a half months ago, reader Michelle suggested I post this short story to the blog, calling it "Bea's most perfect story."  Personally, I wouldn't think of describing it as such.  That's not to say that there's anything wrong with it; it's just that I've read plenty of stories by Bea that I've enjoyed far more.  I will say that it presents a very archetypal Bea scenario.  I'm not sure if I'd never read "Final Inspection" prior to receiving Michelle's note or if I'd just forgotten it because it blurred together with all the other stories with a similar plot. 

Anyway, after that exciting introduction, please enjoy the following story.  And, Michelle, I apologize for taking so long to follow through on your recommendation.

By Bea

Gentle reader: Don't be reading this if you're under the age of eighteen,
or looking for graphic sex, physical domination, or male homosexuality.
The following is nothing more than a low-key, transvestite, fantasy.

I knocked on the door - gently.
"Come in." I heard her say.
I opened the door, closing it softly behind me once I was in the room.
Ellen was sitting in the large easy chair, close to the fire.
I bobbed a curtsey. "You rang ma'am?"
"Yes Alice, I did. I wanted to have a look at you, so just come over here
and stand there, would you please?" She pointed to an area on the carpet
about five feet in front of her.

I bobbed and followed her instructions.
"Very good!" She smiled up at me. "Now just stand there. Keep your legs
nice and straight together, and cross your hands and fold them over your
apron. Other than that, you can relax."

She took a sip from her drink, her dark eyes amused as she looked at me
over the rim of the glass. Then she put the glass on the table beside her.
"Changed days, eh Alice?" She said pleasantly. "I mean, it wasn't that
long ago you were lord and master here. Was it?"
"No ma'am." I said, bobbing.
She stuck a finger in the air, rotated the tip. "Turn around.. Slowly.
Let me have a look at you. Pick up the hem of your skirt a little, I want
a better look at that underskirt."

Blushing, I did as I was told. As I got half way around she told me to
stop, so that I was now facing away from her.
"Now bend over at the waist and lift your dress up at the back. Petticoats
as well. Let me see your panties. Oh! How pretty! You've done a nice
job on the seams on your stockings too - all nice and straight. You're
getting quite good at this dressing business now, aren't you Alice? You
can straighten up now if you want. Then turn back to face me. There!
That's a girl!"

She was standing now, coming over towards me. "You're all flushed Alice.
Are you embarrassed?"
"Yes ma'am." I said meekly.
"Why? Whatever for? Go ahead. You can tell me."
"These clothes ma'am."
"But they're pretty clothes. I picked them out just for you. Why on earth
would you be ashamed to wear them?"
"It's because - well it's a maids dress, ma'am"

She tutted. "Goodness Alice! Here you are, finally doing something with
your life. Doing a real job. Not being the drone you were when we got
married. You're learning your trade nice and quickly. Even now it's hard
to tell you were ever a man. A couple of weeks from now, you'll just be a
pretty maid - and I'll guarantee you'll be a lot happier - not that it'll
matter much if you're not - but I do like my girls to be happy."

She had moved to my back. I started a little when her fingernail touched
the back of my dress just under the collar and started tracing its way down
my back slowly. When she felt the lace edge of my slip under the dress
material, she started moving her nail horizontally. When she reached the
shoulder straps of my bra and slip, she pulled on them slightly, then let
them gently snap back into place.
"Do you like wearing a bra Alice? Even though you don't really need one?
Come on now. Admit it. I'll bet you do."
"Yes ma'am." I replied.
She slid a hand under my arm and along my waist, then raised it until it
was cupping my right breast. Caressed it gently.
"My my! It's really hard to tell that this isn't a real breast - it's so
nice and soft and feminine. What are you using for padding, these silk
scarves I gave you - or the chiffon?"
"The chiffon, ma'am."

Her other hand slid around my waist then and cupped the other breast.
"My! What a sweet little submissive thing you've become Alice." She
breathed into my back. "I can even feel you tremble. But you don't need
to be frightened you know. I'm not going to make you fight me or
anything - not like I did that first time. Remember?"
I bobbed instinctively. Felt the lace of my bra catch a little on her
"Yes ma'am." I managed to get out. "Yes. I remember."

She slid her hands down over my waist then hips. Took them back now until
each rested on my buttocks. Then quickly she lifted my skirt and petticoat
layers and put her hands directly on the same location, but now on my
"That was a night to remember, wasn't it?"
She was obviously reminiscing, so I didn't respond. "I can't believe how
scared I was of you." She continued, absentmindedly tugging on my garter
straps and poking the tips of her fingers down between the tops of my
nylons and my legs. "But you had got me upset that night, laughing at me
in front of the Grayson's. I just felt I had to do something. Though I
should have known, shouldn't I?"

I wasn't sure if she wanted an answer or not, but she snapped one of my
garter straps quite firmly. "Eh?" She said. "Don't you think I should
have known?"
I bobbed quickly, my backside sliding up and down against her stationary
hands. "Sorry ma'am. I don't understand."
"Why, that you should have been easy meat in a fight." She laughed. "I'd
just never paid any attention to your two sisters giggling about how they
used to bully you around when you were little - and the fact that they were
both smaller and younger than you? It never crossed my mind that you must
have been a little sissy." I felt her shake her head. "I'm not saying
that I could beat my brothers in a fight all the time - but they all knew
better than get me pissed off, because then I was likely to wreak some
havoc.. I raised some with you that night, didn't I?"
I bowed my head, the humiliation I'd suffered at her hands only too clear.

"Remember how you cried?" She continued. "Remember the little pink satin
bra and panty set I made you wear when I found out how easy you were to
beat - waving these soft little white arms in the air, squealing like a
girl - crying like a girl when I spanked your soft little girlish ass
through your pink panties? Putting perfume on you? Taking you to bed in
frilly little baby dolls? Making you talk little girl talk. Making you
act like a little girl?"

Her hand had slipped under my panty elastic. One of her fingers was gently
probing my anus, then it slid around to feel my erection. "Mmmmm." She
hummed in my ear. "Amazing how different it feels now. Now that' it's all
shaved and powdered and perfumed. You are still keeping yourself pretty
for me down there, eh Alice?"
"Yes ma'am."
"I mean, it's not that it was ever that big - but I can't say that I'd have
ever considered it feminine. But now?" She laughed. "Even hard like
this, I'm starting to feel that it's positively girlish." She let go and
withdrew her hand. "You don't mind me calling your male member girlish, do
you dear?"
"No ma'am."
"Still enjoy being humiliated, eh darling? Well, there's lots more coming
your way."
She took hold of my shoulders and turned me to face her. "Let's see your
hands please."
I held them out in front of me. She took my right hand in hers and lifted
it closer to her face. "Very pretty." She said. "You always did have
nice small hands. Soft like a girls. Now, with that nail polish they're
actually pretty. Going to be one of your best features I think. Lois
still doing them for you?"
"Just sometimes now ma'am."

"Very good! I'm assuming from that that you're doing your own now?"
"Sometimes ma'am."
She dropped my hand and peered at my face. "Doing your own hair and makeup
too? If you are you're getting good in these areas as well."
I could feel myself blush under my makeup.
"Thank you ma'am."
She touched my hair. Pulled one of my curls down from under my lace cap.
"Putting it up in rollers at night now, are we?"
"Yes ma'am"

With that, she walked back to her chair taking an appreciative sip of her
drink before sitting down.
"And I must tell you how impressed I am at how quickly you've been
assimilated into being one of the girls with Mary and Lois. What's it been
now, three weeks since I moved you down into the maid's quarters?"
"About that ma'am."
"And it's getting extremely difficult for me to get rid of the idea that
you're some kind of 'natural' at being a maid. I mean, I've seen you a
couple of times when you didn't know I was looking - setting the table,
polishing the silver. Not all swishy or anything - just a girl doing her
job. I was really impressed. And yesterday, I passed your room when Lois
was in there, trying to borrow that pretty sundress of yours. Did you let
her have it by the way?"
"Yes ma'am."

"How nice! Does she let you borrow any of her stuff? You two have got to
be close in size, eh?"
"Yes ma'am. She let me try on that pant suit.."
"You! In pants? How masculine! Did they feel funny to you?"
"Well they're that black and white polka dot outfit.."
"Oh yes! Wow! I thought for a minute you'd been thinking of yourself as a
man - but that would be silly, wouldn't it? I mean, that outfit is so
feminine. Did it look nice on you?"

"Lois said it did ma'am."
"But why were you out of uniform? Oh that's right, it was your afternoon
off, wasn't it?" Then she let out a little gasp. "Oh my! Were you
thinking of going out with Lois. You were, weren't you? Oh how sweet! My
husband wearing a pretty pant suit, and going out with his girlfriend. Was
that it?"
"Well, Lois wanted me to go with her to the cinema. But I wouldn't."
"Oh. What a shame. But you'll get over your fear. Trust me, it won't be
long until you and your little friend Lois will be out shopping, getting
your hair done, gossiping - having a great little time.."

Then she paused. " But enough of this girlish chit chat - Alice? Be a
good girl. Ring for Mary and Lois, would you dear?"
I bobbed a quick curtsey and went to the pull rope. Gave the signal for my
fellow maids to report. Until their knock came to the door, she just laid
her head back on the chair and smiled softly at me. "Come in girls." She
said. They bustled in in uniforms identical to mine. Without being told,
they came and stood beside me, Mary on one side, Lois on the other.

"My my! You girls look so smart. Do you like your new uniforms?"
All three of us curtsied and smiled our agreement. "Oh yes mum!" Lois
added. "And all these other pretty ones .. They're.."
"That's all right Lois." Ellen said interrupting. "It was time you girls
were allowed some pride in what you wear - not only that, I like my friends
to be impressed by my servants behaviour - and demeanour. And that's what
I want to talk to you three about tonight." She pointed her glass at me.
"Alice? Pour me a shot of scotch please?" She turned to the other two and
smiled. "All of this talking makes me dry."

Once she had her drink in hand and I was back in line with the other maids,
she started again. "Yes. Demeanour. That's what I want to talk about.
You see I've been thinking. Mary? Lois? You've done a wonderful job with
Alice here. She's cute looking and nice and obedient." She took a sip of
her drink. "Not a finished product of course - but passable. Yes. Very
passable. Both of you are to be commended."

My companions flushed with pleasure and both curtsied. "But" Ellen
continued, "i've come to a decision that might upset you girls a little -
not you Alice, the other two girls." She took another sip of her drink,
her eyes appraising my companions reactions.
"See?" She restarted. "I need a personal maid. Now Mary and Lois?
Either of you are pretty enough, feminine enough, and experienced enough
for the position, but I've decided to give the job to Alice."
Looking ahead, I couldn't see either of my companions reactions, but I did
detect some stiffening in their postures. Then Lois, the younger of the
two spoke. "But beggin' your pardon ma'am? Master Robin..."
Ellen held her hand up to stop her.
"Lois? It's not master Robin any more, is it now? It's Alice!"
Lois bobbed quickly. "I'm sorry ma'am. It's just that I keep
"You see?" Ellen broke in again. "'Robin is a name that could be a man's
or a woman's. I wanted my husband to become as much of a woman as he
could. Now I just couldn't let him keep a name that could be construed as
a man's now, could I?" She laughed shortly. "But there's no men called
Alice that I know - so she became Alice. Understood? Her name is Alice!"
Her voice changed timbre a little as she explained. "See? A personal
maid? My husband? All in pretty little dresses, all feminine? Totally
devoted to looking after me?" She sigherd. "I can't resist it."

My companions kept silent. Ellen continued. "I know it's not fair, asking
you two to train someone who is going to - on the surface - have an easier
job than you. Have prettier uniforms, be closer to me.." She paused.
Mary bobbed. "May I ask a question ma'am?"
"Certainly Mary. Go ahead."
"You said 'on the surface' ma'am? I don't quite understand?"
"Aha!" Ellen beamed. "Very perceptive Mary. Good question! You see,
what I have in mind is that you girls are the senior maids, regardless of
what position he .. " She giggled.. "See what you started Lois? She is
junior to you both. I'm thinking that the absolute best training for her
would be for her to be.. Well, how can I put it? A maid to you two when I
don't need her? Do your laundry - ironing. Sewing repairs? That kind of
thing? Think how much better he'll be when she does her maid's duties for

I felt just the slightest dig in my ribs from Mary's elbow. But Lois spoke
up. "Ma'am? That seems kind of .. Cruel? I don't know as if I could...?
"That's so nice Lois." Ellen said. "But I think I can see the problem.
You still have some respect left for her when she was a man. Right?"
Lois nodded. "Yes ma'am. I think that it might be that."

Ellen nodded. "Well let me suggest this. If Alice doesn't please you two
acting as your girl, I would like her disciplined. Talk just as harshly to
her as you want. If that doesn't work, then come and ask me if you can
spank her. Trust me, I'll always give you my approval - it's just that I
will probably want to witness it. Once you've learned how docile she is?
I don't think you'll have that problem any more." She thought for a
second. "As a matter of fact? Lois? I think you have to get over this
silly respect business."

She got up from her chair. "Why don't you come and take my seat."
Lois curtsied, confused. "Sit in your chair mum?"
"Yes Lois." Ellen said kindly. "Come and sit there. Come on now.. That's
a girl!" Then she turned to me.
"Alice? Why don't you go over to the chair and lay yourself over Lois's
knees? I want her to spank you."
"Please Ellen?" I squeaked.

"You forgot to curtsey. Not only that? You were disrespectful! I think
another extra spank or two for that, don't you Mary?"
"Most certainly mum." Mary replied, grinning. "At least a couple!"

Whimpering, I walked towards where Lois sat. Her face looked sympathetic
at first, but a grin started to appear. I lay down over her knees, making
myself as comfortable as I could. There was a pause for a couple of
seconds, then I felt my skirt and petticoats being lifted to bare my
backside. I felt the layers of silk and taffeta between her and me slide,
and heard the rustle of her arm as it raised. I squealed girlishly as her
open palm struck me on my panties. I felt her arm raise again...



sissy said...

Oh my- I must touch up my lipstick and powder my nose before I re-read this wonderful story again!
sissy jennifer

L.G. said...

Another great story, but then aren't all of Bea's stories great? I love the way the humiliation builds steadily from start to finish, and then leaves us wanting more.
Can we have some more of Bea's excellent work, it really is in a class of its own.

Anonymous said...

Just great !

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I still think it's perfect, although I'd give a lot for a sequel. Perhaps a visit from Alice's sisters. anyway, your kind efforts are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

oh yes can we have some more stories like this one please xx

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