Monday, April 14, 2014



Andy.latex said...

Hi Rocket
Why have i missed your blog for so long. What a waste. Love this piece, clean clear and beautiful. Your art has the brilliant simplicity mine lacks.
Thank you and best wishes.

rocketdave said...

Hi Andy. It's really not my blog; I'm just an infrequent contributor here- one of several. I appreciate the compliment, though I feel compelled to add that it seems as if you're maybe being a little bit hard on yourself. But I guess most artists are their own worst critics; I know I sure am. Thanks for stopping by.

Carrie P said...

Wonderful piece Dave, really like the transition from youth to bimbo maid. Is it just my imagination or does figure 2 seem more assured than he is as the boy in figure 1 - certainly more composed than figure 3? Still can’t make up my mind about the look on the boy’s face is it confused or stubborn. I know, I know, over analysing again.
Either way the body language and facial expressions for all 3 are brilliant.
Would love to hear what your thinking process was in creating it.
Thanks for posting.

rocketdave said...

Thanks, Carrie. This was basically "concept art" for a potential story collaboration between myself and an author. Unfortunately, I felt some of ideas got a little too far away from anything I was interested in being a part of, so we agreed to not move forward with his proposed storyline. Since it didn't look like we'd using these images for anything after all- at least not anytime in the immediate future- I saw no harm in finally posting them online.

Leona James Greymyst said...

Would so love to hear even a brief description of the story to go with these images, even if only as a caption type image. Given that it shows Fig. 1, Fig. 2 and Fig.3, it seems it should be part of a study into what happens to boys under the right tutelage.