Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Heroine of Havisham Hall - Part 11

Despite the comfort and sensuality of the lovely pink satin nightie that he was now accustomed to wear in bed, Jack was quite unable to sleep when he retired to bed that night.  It was of course the eve of his sixteenth birthday, as well as the last night before Miss Havisham's great country house weekend, and Jack tossed and turned at the prospect of being on constant call, night and day, at least until Sunday afternoon.  For it was now apparent to him that all Miss Pamela and Miss Melissa (as he was now required to refer to them) would need to do, in order to have him attend upon them in their bedroom, was to ring a little bell which was conveniently positioned between their beds in the Lilac Room they had been allocated for the weekend.   As he lay restless in his bed, Jack realized to his dismay that he had been required to dust and polish that very bell-ring only a few hours earlier.

It was well after midnight before tiredness took over and Jack eventually slipped into the land of nod...    He had been taken aside by Miss Craftey and introduced to Madam's personal dressmaker, a sturdy and determined lady by name Barbara Bracegirdle, who had been tasked with creating suitable parlourmaid uniforms for this special weekend.  Jack found himself being fitted for a black satin French maid's outfit, with a plunging neckline that revealed his now quite noticeable little breasts, short puffy sleeves edged with delicate white lace,and a short flared skirt from under which layers of frilly lace petticoats peeped out cheekily.   With this sensational outfit, which he found irresistibly exciting to wear, or even just to touch, Jack was given a tiny silky white bib apron and a sweet little frilly cap which beautifully set off the blonde pageboy hairstyle he now wore.   Shiny black court shoes with a five-inch heel, and seamed nylon stockings completed the outfit. 

Having completed the fitting to Miss Havisham's and Miss Craftey's satisfaction, Miss Bracegirdle enquired whether Jack required any further uniforms.   "No, I don't think that will be necessary - just three sets of the one you've just fitted, that will do him nicely, thank you Barbara" replied Miss Havisham on his behalf.   To which, turning to Jack, Miss Craftey added "Betsy, you will of course be expected to wear this uniform night and day, and remain at all times immaculate in your appearance, for the duration of Madam's special weekend.   We can't have you not being available to our guests, and properly attired, whenever you might be required, can we now?"

"N-no, Madam, of course not, Madam" replied Jack, curtseying to Miss Craftey and Miss Bracegirdle as well as to Miss Havisham, as he came to terms with these instructions as well as Madam's latest accidental revelation of his true gender, this time in front of Miss Craftey.  These next forty-eight hours were going to be enough of a trial, he thought, without having to stay on duty all through each night.  And how long now before Miss Craftey cottoned onto Madam's slip of the tongue and started to check his gender?  The thought of her having him stripped and paraded in front of the entire household, unable to hide his excited little willy, was too unbearable to contemplate. The next thing he knew, he was back in the servants' hall being admired by his fellow maids, including Annabelle and Linda who kept asking whether they too were to be provided with such sexy uniforms for the weekend.

The weekend itself seemed to flash by in a blur.  At one point Jack was required to answer the front door twenty times in as many minutes, as chauffeur-driven limousines appeared in the drive at regular intervals, carrying their fur-coated owners to the Hall for this great country house weekend.  In the midst of them all there appeared Mrs Quinn and Miss Pamela, and Mrs Franklin and Miss Melissa, who all arrived together in a huge Rolls Royce.   "Oh look Pam" exclaimed Melissa as they disembarked, "Jackie... I mean Betsy, has come out specially to greet us."   And when Jack duly curtsied to them and their mothers, Miss Pamela responded by pointing out in a loud and bossy voice that he wasn't curtseying low enough for guests of such importance.   From then on, Jack was never allowed out of Miss Pamela and Miss Melissa's sight as he was forced to follow them around all weekend, carrying their drinks and curtseying every moment of the day and night, while they laughed loud and long at his total humiliation and embarrassment....

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" the laughter grew louder and louder until Jack awoke in a hot sweat and the girls' cruel merriment faded away.    He wasn't in that French maid uniform, he was still lying in his satin nightgown, wide awake again now in the twin maids' bedroom he shared with Annabelle.  As he realized that he had only been dreaming, he felt the after-effects of the excitement he had just experienced - his little member climaxing for the first time in his life.  The gaff, which Madam had given him and insisted he wore at all times, was now badly soiled and he could feel the tell-tale sticky mess which combined with his hot sweat to leave him feeling, and smelling, quite horrible.

Jack wondered for a moment whether Annabelle had heard him dreaming and exploding.  But to his relief he could soon tell from her steady breathing that she was still fast asleep.   Quietly he crept out of the room and made his way down the corridor to the nearest servants' lavatory.    How would he have explained himself, Jack thought as he cleaned himself up, if Annabelle had been awake to hear what must surely have amounted to the exposure of his little secret?

As he made his way quietly back to his bed, Jack resolved to behave himself more perfectly than ever throughout the weekend that really would now be happening, and which would be starting later that day.   However much of an ordeal he was put through, he consoled himself with the thought that it could not possibly be as appalling as the dream he had just experienced.   And after all, it was, he now reminded himself, his own portrayal of a lovely girl just a few weeks ago which had persuaded Miss Havisham to invest so heavily in the Stuyvesant drama school project, thus providing his mother with the opportunity of her lifetime.  Of course it had also resulted in him being subjected to the most humiliating and demanding training imaginable here at Havisham Hall.   But Madam would now be entertaining some of the most influential ladies in the world of drama, here in his presence this very weekend!   Perhaps, he thought to himself, if he were to give the most perfect demonstration of a dutiful and impeccable parlourmaid and ladies'  maid, these eminent ladies might also support the project in some way.   And then wouldn't his mother be thrilled...

Jack fell asleep again, this time almost immediately and dreaming now of all the hugs and kisses and cuddles which Mummy would bestow upon him if she could have been here to see how well he played such a part.   It was such a shame that her name was not on that guest list in the servants hall - the one which Miss Craftey was instructing him to memorize...

(to be continued) 


Anonymous said...

This episode is brilliant! A shame for Jack that its only a dream. Maybe it will all really happen now the guests are due to arrive!
Love Maid Marcia xx

rocketdave said...

Jack is practically sixteen and he's never had an orgasm before now? We don't all develop at the same pace, but that seems awfully late to me.

Perhaps more importantly, I know for a fact that it's not his first time because Mrs Quinn caused him to climax in his panties in a chapter of Carrie's Amongst Women.
I suppose these sort of inconsistencies can occur when dealing with multiple authors. Hell, even solitary authors have been known to contradict their own previously established information.

Speaking of inconsistencies, I thought Jack was fourteen when the story started, and yet he seems to have leaped forward a year in age. I'm willing to overlook that, though, as some of his experiences felt a little too advanced for a boy in his early teens. Not that I minded much; I'm sure a lot of us would have probably been happy to be in Jack's shoes when we were fourteen, but from from an objective standpoint, a couple things he's been though might not be considered exactly legal. Technically, making him only a year or two older still doesn't make it entirely right, but it might be seen as less objectionable to some. Again, I'm not talking about anything I have a problem with; I'm just mentioning it.

I was concerned Carrie was introducing too many side characters that were never going to be heard from again once "Amongst Women" concluded, so it's nice to see Melissa reenter the picture.

rocketdave said...

Sorry to harp on this, but having given it some more thought, I recalled more evidence that points away from the idea that this wet dream was the first time he ever climaxed. Didn't this whole thing start way back when the maid caught him masturbating into her cap?

L.G. said...

My apologies to rocketdave, I must be more careful in future! I just hope it hasn't spoiled your (or for that matter anybody else's) enjoyment - it does at least show you are reading all the strands of this saga very carefully!

Like, I suspect, some others who have attempted to contribute to write this kind of fiction, I sometimes find it difficult to strike a balance between strict accuracy and credibility, on the one hand, and fantasy and amusement on the other. I just hope that the occasional inconsistency or inaccuracy doesn't spoil readers' overall enjoyment of the story as it develops. There are still a few surprises to come before the present Havisham Hall series draws to a close.

Enjoy! L.G.

rocketdave said...

It's not like I was overly bothered, but I couldn't help pointing out the error. I've mostly been enjoying this story; I'm sorry the couple times I've commented, it was partly to voice a criticism. As I've said many times in the past, it's often easier to criticize than to find something positive to say.

I find it interesting how some authors like their characters to be so sexually inexperienced that they've never even known sexual release prior to the start of the story, even if they have to stretch credulity in order to do so; I read one story in which it was explained that the "protagonist" hadn't hit puberty until adulthood because of some medical condition.

Anonymous said...

Lovely story, just a perfect mix of old fashioned English upstairs-downstairs and the abject humiliation we come to expect from the forced femme genre.
I have been following this saga on and off since it began, which must be over a year ago now. The story seems to flow very well and I love the way it is now building up to the crunch weekend. Can't wait to see how it works out for our hero.

Anonymous said...

We loved Jack's life-like dream, very well described. Hope the real weekend lives up to the dream! We can't wait to see what happens! J & R

Carrie P said...


It’s not surprising that Jack/Betsy is having wet dreams with all that he’s experienced at Havisham Hall. The story is progressing nicely and having him present himself to the two girls for them to decide which one gets him as their lady’s maid is a nice touch. Like us I’m sure he’s wondering which is the lesser of two tyrants. What a wonderful name for the dressmaker –Miss Bracegirdle.
I know where RD is coming from but in the overall scheme of things the fact that LG mentioned he’s a late developer and this was his first climax is a minor detail – well to me anyway. From the start I wasn’t happy with the age Bea gave him (14) so I aged him and can’t remember whether it was 16 or 17 but again it’s a small detail.
There’s no doubt that there’s a touch of Downton Abbey/ Upstairs Downstairs about this strand and LG has an excellent grasp of grasp of life below stairs. It will be an interesting few days for the poor boygirl as he’s paraded in front of his old tormentor. Will she finally get what she wanted all along?
Well… we’ll have to wait and see. Looking forward to it.

L.G. said...

Thank you to Marcia, rocketdave, J&R, the other anonymous commenter, and especially to Carrie P, for all your comments. It's flattering to know that so many of you take the trouble to read this tale of Jack's troubled life at Havisham Hall.

We've still got some way to go - I had hoped to bring this strand to a conclusion fairly soon, but there are still too many loose ends to resolve and anyhow, who knows what might happen over this coming weekend with the house suddenly full of all Madam's important guests?

Your comments are all extremely helpful, and are all that I have as a guide to what people enjoy. So please keep them coming - whatever might happen to Jack over the next few episodes...
Have fun! L.G.

Anonymous said...

A great story this. When will be next episode ?

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